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is this new gta 5 info


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Remember this is only a rumor from twitter not real info. As Franklin holds a gun to Claude's head after tracking him down to a shack in the country the man without a tongue finally speaks to reveal Salvatore Leone is still alive That was only a decoy, a body double in Gta 3. That gunshot at the end of the game was Salvatore getting revenge after she betrayed him by sending one of his men. Salvatore by that stage had fled the yakusa to Vice City or San Andreas Probably the latter as he knew it from that casino business in the 90's. He's the antagonist of Gta 5 and his former bodyguard Mike is one of the protagonists of Gta 5 Michael. Michael's wife Amanda who is angry at him for neglecting her teams up with Salvatore (who has a fondness for young women) to betray him to the feds. Michael, Franklin and Trevor are planning a massive bank heist on Los Santos Bank with the help of insider Ken Rosenberg who has changed professions from a lawyer to a banker since the events of Gta San Andreas. It was thought Cesar went to liberty city to avenge the death of Catalina by Claude but It was actually Salvatore who killed him in revenge for Cj's betrayal in Gta: San Andreas. The final mission is called the last don and is set in a military base where Salvatore and Amanda are about to escape You have a full wanted rating.

What do you think?
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Many people have speculated some tie in on a grander scale, new merging with old. In the magazine previews most recently, even a familiar screen shot drive-by highlights that life in Los Santos is still mired in familiar gang warfare. They used the word Ballers however, it didn't seem based on any info coming from Rockstar but more based on what we see in the still shots provided so far.


It's likely even some gang names will return, but expecting the characters to cross universes in any liberal context is just not in the cards. Rockstar have said there will be some surprise in terms of small tips of the hat to past games, but nothing in the major game plot scenario. If I'm wrong, you can chastise me later, but they've gone on record as such.

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