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  1. Why can't you enter inside the restaurants of GTA V? Know you know and knowing is half the battle...
  2. Johnnys death was a poor writing and overrushed decision just to make Trevor look like a "bad-ass". Johnny Klebiz was so out of character... Ok Trevor we get it your fuckinh edgy and cool...Woooo thats like being the smartest kid with down syndrome...
  3. Well kids shouldn't be playing this game in the first place and if their parents complain then its their own damn fault for buying the game in the first place.
  4. This is just an idea, I have so they can further explain Johnny's backstory on why he became a meth addict. I didn't like the way Rockstar just make him out of character, if you played TLAD you know Johnny would never do shit again, he even said it on TLAD. And I want more of an open and alive world in Blaine County, Madrazo's Cartel, Ortega, The O'neil Brothers, and the Triads. And please don't put this on another forum, it's just gonna rot there, rarely someone visits the main forums, let alone a sub-forum.... And besides there's already a Vampire DLC in here that you haven't moved, so why mine which is much more reasonable...
  5. The Lost buy Meth for Trevor while the AOD sends it to Los Santos.
  6. That's because there are not that many of then anymore. The Lost owns most of Blaine County while the AOD handle the meth business for them.
  7. Angels of Death. Once the kings of motorcycle world, Today, rusted and torn apart after years of being at war with their former rivals, The Lost. Now, a truce with The Lost has protected their way of life. As The Angels of Death drug enforcer, Leon West must get his gang back in the meth business. Blaine County has all the open opportunities but a truce with The Lost can't be broken. The Lost President, Johnny Klebitz is deteriorating himself and the chapter with the overuse of the very same drug he sells. Will this be the way to get back in business or must a truce stay unbroken?
  8. No it wasnt an exact replica, it looked like NYC but it wasnt an exact replica. Im talkinh an EXACT REPLICA OF THE REAL NYC, im talkinh street by street, alley to alley, building to building exact replica
  9. This was the first forum that I visited prior to the release of San Andreas and I remember that there used to be tons of people that commented here, even before the release of GTA IV there used to be alot of people in here as well. But now everytime we get news on GTA V we get like 3-5 comments, and the forums section is even more dead. So what happen to this site?? Did everyone just moved to the GTA forums or whats going on??
  10. It will be Liberty City again on the next-gen console but this time its going to be an exact same replica of the real new york city
  11. Remember this is only a rumor from twitter not real info. As Franklin holds a gun to Claude's head after tracking him down to a shack in the country the man without a tongue finally speaks to reveal Salvatore Leone is still alive That was only a decoy, a body double in Gta 3. That gunshot at the end of the game was Salvatore getting revenge after she betrayed him by sending one of his men. Salvatore by that stage had fled the yakusa to Vice City or San Andreas Probably the latter as he knew it from that casino business in the 90's. He's the antagonist of Gta 5 and his former bodyguard Mike is one of the protagonists of Gta 5 Michael. Michael's wife Amanda who is angry at him for neglecting her teams up with Salvatore (who has a fondness for young women) to betray him to the feds. Michael, Franklin and Trevor are planning a massive bank heist on Los Santos Bank with the help of insider Ken Rosenberg who has changed professions from a lawyer to a banker since the events of Gta San Andreas. It was thought Cesar went to liberty city to avenge the death of Catalina by Claude but It was actually Salvatore who killed him in revenge for Cj's betrayal in Gta: San Andreas. The final mission is called the last don and is set in a military base where Salvatore and Amanda are about to escape You have a full wanted rating. What do you think?
  12. Dude! Why do you always take the topics out of context?? And also who cares about spoiling GTA 3 the game's 13 years old..
  13. Im gonna go inside my mansion and watch tv for 9 hours... And im gonna do that for the whole game cause hes going through a mid life crisis
  14. BlacklistedB I thought you said there was more info coming for the weekend.
  15. I thought you said there was more info coming over the weekend.
  16. That sounds terrible. How many times are we going to have to explain GTA 3 characters don't exist in the NEW GTA ERA, which is IV and V. And that's just one of the worst plots I ever heard for a game.
  17. Wow, not as much people comment as they used to.
  18. I think Packie Mcreary is going to come out... And damn I didn't expect Michael to look that old and fat but it's all right.... The Franklin character reminds me a lot like CJ...
  19. The 3 main characters in a way, are kind of like Tommy, CJ, and Claude together.
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