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Specifically about Sony's, whereas Microsoft putting out both Windows AND Xbox is much less of a hindrance getting them to co-exist. I just bought a new third party PS controller that doubles for PC and PS3, it comes with no driver disc that makes me wonder, just how?! BUT, it's offered in both wired and wireless, the wired version using standard USB cable, and costing JUST UNDER 9 DOLLARS!!! Not bad for a new replacement that can serve double duty


I'll report on my findings here, but to add to the news I wanted to share, on eBay among accessories from China (no doubt) there is a PS2 to PC controller adapter that also serves to employ your prior gen PS2 DS2 on PS3 systems, I believe. Debating whether to try this accessory as I have already, a PSX from Radio Shack here in America that does PS2 conversion to PC via USB, but to add, DOES need a driver, and also is somewhat bulky in nature.


To also add, I may have gone over some of this info in the past, but there is a driver most gamers should download and KEEP in their archive that is from MS allowing the 360 controller to work with older OSes then Win7 and 8. XP specifically, but Vista Business does not support Xbox360 for obvious reasons, and you can use the same driver in those cases.

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