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Prepping Laptops to Game

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As I did before, still looking to breathe new life into old hardware, not TOO old, mind you, but my newest PC platform is 1st gen Core tech, in other words, 1156 socket first gen Nehalem Intel, it still has interest from people shopping, but.... now superseded with Haswell 4th generation Core Tech.


Want to highlight a project I could now undergo due to a purchase on eBay, this was an unexpected one, saw a lone Acer 4710 on eBay with no takers, and relisting, so when I got the cash, I made the lone bid and got it. Turns out unbenownst to the seller, it is a rather rare 4710G MXM2 version of this laptop, but had issues, seemingly that of the card itself, a Radeon ATI HD2300


Only 128MB of dedicated DDR2 RAM, but if you scour the internet for this card, it still costs a bundle of cash alone. Many perhaps were not looking to get an older dedicated graphics laptop or notebook for their gaming, but spending upwards of 1000 dollars for top buck gear, but still, daughterboards for graphics GPUs are still based on the universal design of MXM.


This site might prove helpful laying the groundwork about the cards, looking to swap out or upgrade, the most useful information seems to reside on this site;




There are other considerations besides the card's attributes alone, like the laptops' feature set, supported video outputs and BIOS updates. Does the chipset work or allow the MXM card you want? Hoping to gain more insight on this as I now have two MXM based laptops to test drive personally



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