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Handling. Important!

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Hello, guys! Do you know any way to check the handling; gravity of a replay that is sent by other user? It would be really useful for me as a gta stunter and for the other guys.

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Nope, not familiar, but you're speaking of statistics one might find in a transferred file? I wish I could help more of the Modding of GTA, which gets asked here a lot, more often then other postings, but I don't think people find a lot of answers forthcoming. I do laptop and computer repair, and often you can find there's far more questions then answers, sadly.


When I first joined GTAForums, there was a mission tool allowing someone else to complete a challenging mission and get it back to the original owner to progress from, based on saves to a console's memory card, I think, been too long to recall though. For PC should just be a lot easier

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