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GTA Live Hands On

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I got my copy at Gamestop's midnight release, spent up to 6AM playing it, but I fell asleep several times due to how dang tired I was. 


I think we can soon discuss tips and tactics, even though doing so can be a spoiler for anyone depending on what they want to get out of the game.


Let me describe that I found learning the game play controls somewhat confusing, at first, I died a few times before I found what I was doing wrong. The game picks up right away from a close fail point, so you don't have to back track too far, it seems.

You CAN gain helicopter access RIGHT away in the game, if you know where to look and it randomly spawns of course.

If you try the airport or any restricted grounds, expect the Wanted Level to jump and you will be under the gun in such cases. I was near the Vinewood sign at one point and a NPC dog came after me trying to bite me, this was pretty keen

I think I wound up driving over him once I was back in my car.


I relived the screen still of climbing up the Vinewood sign, cops arriving, and being shot dead in a minute or two! haha

I did some swimming, I ran for blocks, drove around in several vehicles, and generally formed my opinion on what irks me about GTA V, it's not all a pleasant improvement over GTA IV or GTA in general, but it has some REALLY bright spots that may or may not allow you to forgive it's short comings.


Tactics that work; For ladders, you merely need to stand next to one, push up or down, you can even start climbing standing next to ladder from the side, and you'll be treated to added animation showing that.


You can pick up health power-ups at various locations, one near the beach, one I found in Franklin's kitchen as I was ending my game run last night.


You recover some of your health by just taking things easy. You can evade police easier as mentioned before the game released. A spot on the map can include you within it, but don't panic, the police have not made a direct line of sight connection to where you are, and it's easier to shake them, thankfully!

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