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How bout we offer up a thread in which information contained here in will not spoil the intricacies of plotting? I think there's a possibility that we can pass along information involving moving the story ahead without describing specifics, or give some short cut execution tactics, and findings as we progress.


Well, that is the hope for this thread, offer some ideas as we're all getting involved with the game daily, I still suspect people are at varying degrees of completion, I'd already involved two different GamerTags for Xbox alone, and then probably will get it for PS3 as well, so I've started from scratch more then once, but am still fairly early on in the game. I'm going to get to more of it right now, in fact. I suspect most of you spent the day playing, eh?


Another fun trivia question of sorts, Do you believe GTA V will tally 2 BILLION in sales before the month's out??!

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Sorry to append, hoped you guys could think of some helpful tips and searches solved that don't spoil actual plot lines, one of the main hidden items is 50 pieces of scraps that make up a murder confession I believe, found out about it on GTA's Wiki, but I also found it in the game the next day, mine appeared right in front of the parachute locale on Mt. Chilliad. If you've spent some time playing, you know this is not a fixed location, so expect there to be a real challenge locating these things!!


Also, did locate a baseball bat for hand melee combat, it's out there lying around, forget specifically, but I think it was a sporting venue of some sort, also for hand equipped fighting, a knife is common place, but you can also find a tire iron, if you're lucky, again not sure how I managed it, but always check your weapon wheel, once you chose a type, cycle through what might be stored in that spot with the left and right D-Pad


Reported in my flying guide thread, you can also score BODY ARMOR for FREE!!!

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