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The History of Hack

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This is not to advocate what a user can do to break from a EULA, but rather what hacks do what for the novice. Why have a thread about this when it's questionable or dubious merits and some are mindful of manufacturer's opinions on the matter?


For me, I found I encountered the terms looking in the used market for gear, in particular gaming console replacement parts. One of the hot used properties is modded hardware in which you can do particular tasks. In the earliest days of PS3 this included running Red Hat Linux on a gaming console, for PSP from Sony, Homebrew software took off. The inevitable tide of dashboard and firmware updating brought most of this to a close, with new options offered but old ones closed off. I'm also seeing specialty circuit boards popping up to help a hobbyist tackle some the electrical nuances involved, with greater ease


I'd like to know what readers here might know, and pass along that's informative. I've done a few searches but a lot of the result assumes people are already in the know if they're looking up the terms of things, so here's one of the better links I did find for Xbox modding community, but can anyone give something of a timeline and description for the current crop of gaming hardware? I can't really do it myself since I do stick with most products as delivered, and many times, auto-updated while installing the latest GTA to PSP or Xbox, or PS3 mandated a system firmware update, so I actually killed a valuable feature for Homebrew fans in the earlier 2000s



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