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4 Warning Points

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I have two that I conferred with staff about, they weren't serious enough to worry unduly about, since it came about because of a certain member who wore out his welcome being antagonistic, not only to me, but adopting a nasty attitude in general, it was really not pleasant to have him adopt that every single day he posted here, but I engaged in response too many times, it's better to just drop things like that.


Don't let people 'get your goat', it can backfire on your directly if you participate, and it takes TWO to tango

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Lutten had a preoccupation with GTAForums' hidden user panel, I was a honorary moderator of it for a month, complete waste of bandwidth and braincells. It wasn't worth anyone's SERIOUS time, but they insisted to vent and have an outlet where jokes were constantly made at other user's expense, and often without them knowing, so you know what I think, it represented the WORST of GTAForums, absolutely! It wasn't worth trying to get into that club

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