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Inicio Entertainment - The Begining... The Start....


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Hello Fellow Gamers grin.png Im TheMahano,  own a youtube network!,
The Network is Called Inicio Entertainment and Is Under a company called ForelaDigital,

Cool stuff about us:
- Talk to all our partners on Skype if they want
- All Partners receive a partner adviser
- Can have networks under our name
- Reply within 2 days
- Cool website
- Friendly fun Staff that treats you as friends not clients
Whats special about us is that we can do 3 different types of partnerships, these are:

Full Partnership
Get Full Partnership features for your channel and gain all sorts of help
- Full Youtube Features
- Partner Adviser
- Dashboard
- Music Libary
- No cap CPM (Earn as much as you want)
- GFX Help

You dont meet the requirements for full partnership? sign up for sub partnership and we will help your channel get the features/requirements for Full Partnership
- Help on how to get full partnership
- Help on growth of your channel
- Partnered as soon as you meet our requirements
- Partner adviser
- Help with branding

Network Aggregation
Always wanted to own your own network? Want a network under inicio entertainment? Sign Up Now
- Earn money from partners
- We partner you hub channel
- Free website for your network
- Discount on a domain name
- Help if u need any
- Partners receive Full Partnership
- Partners have access to our dashboard

More Info On Partner Advisers
A partner adviser is someone that is assigned a couple of partners/sub partners and will help them out with there channel, answer all there questions, have friendly convos with our partners and treat you as a friend.

Want To Apply For Any Of These Things
Check out our website and Click Here: http://www.inicioent.com

Skype me: Finchman13

If you need any more information:
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Email Me: [email protected]
Skype: Finchman13

CHECK OUT http://www.inicioent.com

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