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Spoilers for early Gameplay

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Lets hope people who are starting the game won't be surprised with admissions I put in this topic, I started out with just one protagonist (are they, as anti-heroes??) and then decided to play more of the story, I was actually surprised by how at least two of the three seem introduced to players fairly on, but what is confusing is some of the text of conversations is skipped in the menu dialog and hints section, as well there are other sections where it certainly should have been helpful in games past, for example, in timing a character's scripted lines, if you arrived too early, or started your own playing too soon, that dialog would be cut off and never heard, the solution is to quickly stop the game in play and go to the menu where recent dialog is shown in a transcript method of sorts, if a character only starts a line (or sentence) that appears in the menu system completely as the subtitle you would most likely see.


I think GTA V is taking a step back by missing this so recently seen in Red Dead Redemption, and could have been used in the original SA as well, I remember one mission in particular where your actions cut off or impeded the character's voiced lines.


If you already know, GTA IV allowed a second line of entirely different dialog in case you failed a mission as well, in doing it over you heard new content! Nice, but I think this is somewhat truncated as well with the new game.


Since you get taste of character switching that DOES feel rather new and dynamic, as Michael is introduced, do you feel their sets of missions should be completed before the characters team up in one, and then go to discrete ones if need be again? I think this would limit the choices needed when saving the game, already I have more then one just to make sure I can resume as a particular character, however, there's always some player choice involved, more and more with the game's evolution.

In the past you had a fairly roomy number of saves, but with three playables, it can get filled much faster, how have you dealt with this game play mechanic, and how would you improve upon it?


I feel this is a good user question for the new dynamic game play introduced with GTA V

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