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All Hallows Eve again.... (2013)

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Celebrating Halloween, I thought I'd throw you guys this fun article of horror films ya mighta missed for one reason or another, falling under the radar for one reason or another. I've seen a few, but I want to counter that reference to Hostel I won't agree with in these reviews of sorts, I don't care for torture porn or horror as my favorite genre either, but I am a fan of Stephen King and John Carpenter, and I wouldn't fault Hostel too much as I felt the story premise was the key to both in the series and the torture specifically wasn't done too long except with the early scenes of the second installment, if you don't care for extended victim torture, then those might wear on you, anyway, check this out



Also, if you have access to AXS.TV, check out KISS live MONSTER tour on that channel (340 on DirecTV here anyway, only in our State's Metro it seems), and along with KISS will be other rock acts in performance including Judas Priest rebroadcast I believe, and IRON MAIDEN! Don't miss it if you can get the service, it will be Hi Def!

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