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Joining a Crew

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OK, guys, I don't have GTA V for PS3 yet, but I got online tonight for the first time since I did a temporary move to my folk's cabin. I'm on with Red Dead Redemption and going to use that for my test run at Rockstar Online via PSN, I don't even have GTA IV with me to attempt that game's online, but so far things have been smooth


Why I'm doing a new posting for somewhat generic or personal reasons is when faced with going online gaming for the first time, want your input on how you approach it and how you'd choose your gangs or crew associations with the wide and vast array of people clamoring with requests to have people join them, every topic comments section in Newswire and Social Club you can't move without skimming over requests to join someone in multiplayer, setting up their online gang for any number of reasons. Want to hear how you've adopted a strategy for online gaming, do you stick with one crew, recruit yourself, or try a number of option scenarios, or just play when online starts up with whomever's there??

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