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Betamax Sony's last

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Want you guys to take a look at the last consumer model Sony Betamax ever offered, well... before they put out a host of SL-HF2000s watered down supposedly much more modern machines, those had hardly any special features, and as example, the touch membrane remote for the HF2100 SuperBeta was an exclusive, the S-Video or Separated Video (not SuperVHS related!) jacks were only found on this model, sadly, Sony did start making VHS machines, and even then VHS fell by the technological wayside.


Anyway, if you think something with supposedly no more use in modern society might be worthless, check the auction price on this!




Also, look up other old tech items on eBay and elsewhere, you just never know, but for many who bought tapes for over 10 and 20 years, a player is a requirement and one that's unique and rare, and at times, built like a tank, even more so!!

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