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It's funny, but I bought a second iPod Nano I thought was priced right at $40, and kept virtually all the music on it, sans a few Hip Hop or Rap songs, no need for me keeping those! haha

Normally I'd just as soon shut the door on Disco, in the 1970s, I hated it, but like a lot of things retro, if it stands the test of time, it's good, to one degree or another, and even if you can argue the merits, it's worth a listen at the least.


Village People scored a massive 1978-79 hit with YMCA and if you look at the Wikipedia entry, you'll notice some updated information concerning royalties and copyrights on that song that make it an interesting timely subject, even though the person who put the tracks on this iPod did so long before I got the Nano.


I'd been in the process of looking up jacket pictures that go along with artists, albums, and tracks since iTunes is only marginally helpful in such regard.




You can look up nearly any song or movie using Wikipedia for interesting information in a lot of categories,


I'll present this thread for you guys to list your favorite songs you STILL listen to or always liked, might want in a GTA game soundtrack, or if you even remember the 1970s at all!? haha

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