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Voice Acting Interviews


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As pointed out on the TGTAP sidebar, there are a number of videos of Steven Ogg and a few others with our multiple character alter egos in GTA.

Very much worth your time watching all of them, I was amazed thinking back to how long we've known about at least one, that being Ned Luke. An infamous leak of GTA V upcoming before Rockstar were saying ANYTHING!


It was rumored for a long, long time.


Another aspect of interest is the script and amount of improv, the Motion Capture that seems now to be an industry wide procedure. We see Behind The Scenes of Naughty Dog's Uncharted on how this is done in layers, but Rockstar's work in progress is very much a mystery other then some candid production photos and hearing from anyone involved if they get the word out, so this is big, and it's a lot to take in. GTA thus far is still the biggest entertainment software release, so they get to bask in the glory for awhile still!






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