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Online Eavesdropping

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What kinds of 'over the air' headset conversations have you heard that enlightened your awareness of the game?


Or basically, how has the online experience with the live 'chit chat' been as an experience playing the game?


I heard as mentioned, most recently, a user offering to show glitches he said he saw another player using, but figured out on his own. Other players were discussing money exchanges among several people, and I have to say, some of these kids sound pretty young to be playing the game, something that disturbs me a little.

There has been confusion about how to exchange money, but I saw this as well, listed somewhere.


People are sending invites to their online house purchases, this seems odd that everyone might be invited....since it appears that way when you see/hear the messaging.


I listened to conversations regarding player action that just seemed confused with what they were seeing, this seems odd if you know how players usually act in the game, the mechanics of it as well. You'd have to be pretty 'green' to not get how players react while they play the online segments. 


Anyway, hope this doesn't seem like an odd thread idea, but while we're doing online, a lot of people keep their headsets handy and the conversations run the gamut! haha

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