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Colder then a Witch's t*t on the 4th of July!

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Yeah, it's in the teens below zero, with 25 MPH wind gusts, that means the wind chill on top of the North American invasion Polar Vortex means 45 below zero is the effect of the USA temps on your skin, so dangerous for young kids, schools here are closed yet again nearly all State-wide. It looks like further below zero days perhaps beyond January will be still in the arctic freezer! I hate it, wanted only that this winter would be above zero degrees, but of course, this trend seems to span several years. Our normal temp is about 25F according to local news, but our whole January average amounts to 10F above zero. In New York, they're about 11F degrees today, Thursday as they host the Today show on NBC outdoors. I want them to know it COULD be worse, but we get the snow returning, 2 inches or so, on a 30 degree Friday, the hottest it will be for the next upcoming week!


We're likely to add to what could be a record cold winter all in all!!

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