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The Great Mount Chilliad Mystery


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So, the gtaforums site has stopped working for me, either for maintenance or I don't know. I'm here because I am an enthusiast of the great Mount Chilliad Mural conspiracy. I've completed the game 100%(as much as you need) and have seen the UFOs. There is a major search by people everywhere for clues to as what the Mural painting at the lift station on top of Chilliad is and means. I was wondering how many people here have embarked on this seemingly unsolvable mystery. I have heard countless theories and explored countless dead ends, so I'm open to all and any ideas or clues from you all.







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I'm proof you can live without GTAForums, (for 9 years a former member!) and since their staff are so close minded and rather malicious, it can be a far less stressful situation avoiding them. There's more GTA friendly comments and questions on YouTube. I've heard plenty of complaints about YouTube, but ultimately I feel my experience with YouTube is overall reinforcing my opinion of how great that site is overall.


I don't know the 100% aspects of GTA V yet, since I stopped playing for a bit. I've seen the markings while navigating the map, and my feeling is things you find as markings and writings are in the same style Rockstar have used artistically in Red Dead Redemption. Plenty of funny remarks found throughout, part of the mission aspect is finding parts of a UFO most people know by now, so having some form of unexplainable UFO presence, or proof of their appearance on 'planet Earth' in the GTA universe of course....it's part of making the game World, puzzle, clue or not, I doubt Rockstar will explain these things, but perhaps the GTAwiki that's been up and around for some years, they DO try and explain such things when possible


Even RDR dabbles in ghost and haunting theories, some real, some imagined, but it's overall atmospheric. So what I would tend to think is a possible "red herring" might exist in a GTA or Rockstar game, as they do in films

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