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Motor City Madman TED NUGENT


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Lately Nugent's been making headlines with some inflammatory statements about Barack Obama and others who he targets in his soapbox wherever it maybe, Twitter and the like, came on CNN's Out Front to talk about his stance further,  actually on as I submit this, to apologize for the words, and his anger on occasion has come to expletives aplenty.


He's still railing against what he thinks destroys America in the current trend of things, or media or people in charge's abuses of power. Aaron Burnett he's committing to online for things he might do different, we'll see. I wonder, he's the Nugent, so....


Can he back away from some of the mud-slinging, he's his enigmatic character is still very electric, and amusing, "on CNN"! As he says with ferver. Normally I wouldn't have cable to enjoy segments like this, but Nugent is a genuine character, and more then someone pining for a better United States in which he lives, and we, I do, as well, he's a World force in music, and he just HAD to respond to the idiot statements in the past week calling him a "has been". Before this interview, I was driven to seek out CNN's segment on YouTube and leave a comment about that "Has been" statement as well, and how Ted's worship of roots rock is testament that he is not a racist.


Something he cleared up on Out Front, but there was also some mis-understandings I believe didn't have time to be resolved, but in some ways, people in politics or media as a career might equate Ted Nugent's importance to that of Donald Trump being involved in politics, but there's some truth that they want a better America.


One thing's true, the USA and World events are still so very precarious and at odds, things we hoped could be resolved upon elections and re-elections.

Things that lack humor, but Grand Theft Auto is sure to pick up on some if not most of these things for further continuing satire.

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