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Random events a disappointment?

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Does anyone else think GTA V's random events are disappointing compared to those in Red Dead Redemption? For me, it's mainly that the only repeatable ones are the armored car heists and ATM robberies. Now I can understand certain ones like those in which you unlock Packie and Taliana as heist crew members being one-time occurrences, but many others could have been made to repeat over time, such as the "border patrol" encounters when guys on dirt bikes or quads chase you down in the country, police chasing criminals on foot, shootouts between police and criminals like the one that occurs outside the motel in Harmony, and the "drug deal gone bad", among others.


In contrast, I can pop in RDR and even on my game completion save, wander around on horseback and still happen upon bandit ambushes, cannibal encampments, escaping prisoners, stolen horses and wagons, people needing help of all kinds (ride to the nearest town, wife being hung by bandits, etc.), wilderness suicides, attempted murders of prostitutes, kidnappings, animal attacks, and so on.


Look, I absolutely love GTA V, but this is among the few faults (excluding bugs) I find it has. I feel it falls short with random events compared to RDR. I would love to be cruising the ghetto and randomly find myself in the middle of a gang war between the Families and the Ballas or Vagos and Aztecas, or be trekking through the desert and suddenly find myself ambushed by a group of Lost MC bikers, or get set upon by Altruists when wandering around the mountains, or even be able to stop a convenience store robbery that I should happen on. But as it stands, once the bulk of these random events are "completed", LS and Blaine County become no more "alive" than Liberty City is in GTA IV.

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