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The Walkin' Talkin' Dead

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Ok, this is really titled to mesh both Walking and Talking Dead AMC shows into one thread


Missed the first Mid Season return, and at this point, about to come to another finale....so....


Wanna hear from YOU guys about how you think the series is going thus far?


During the groups extended stay at the farm, people complained there wasn't enough action, Over the course of the move to the prison....


During that Mid-Season break, the Wiki reads several months are compressed into that gap, there's supposed to be a period of peace and tranquility for the people living in confined safety that the prison afforded, then a normal flu knocks people off. I missed all this, sounds like a helluva lot to get into just one episode, I feel I musta missed more then one, don't know how though.





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Since I'd been back at GTAForums, I tried engaging discussion on the Off Topic section, mainly the Walking Dead topic, and express just my thoughts about it, but Otter, a moderator or Led By there, who often clashed with me in the past, he opted to just delete every reply I posted while he was on, posting Anonymously by the way, but his name showed up in posted replies. He even deleted a harmless posted thread about Farrah Abraham and MTV's Sixteen and Pregnant. Like that doesn't fit the topic section, even though it garnered reply as well.


You just can't win. My typed posting completely lost, even though I edited it several times beforehand, I found this article to back up some of what I was expressing,



You can read down the page, the reference Hershal makes about the dead risen, yet not seen in this case as an act of God, or the coming of Christ and Salvation.

We got into a semi-argument about the reference of Zombie in the actual show, my posted and deleted comment regarded why this might be the case, I still stick by my assumptions but was called out by supposed comments by series creator based more of the graphic novels, which I've not seen or read, so I didn't have a refence there, so sue me, really. An OK discussion point as any if you ask me, supposedly I'm outta line though?!?


Here's something of a spoiler to get you amped just the same...


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Let's revive some discussion, fellas.... Season finale is upcoming, and there promises to be a lot of action! I have back archive On Demand with my cable service, but so far, seen all the Walking and Talking Dead, and no other series grabs my attention the same way, it really turned out to live up to any hype four years ago.



Here's my post at GTAForums, in case Otter or someone on staff figures they MUST edit or delete it. It's driving me nuts at this point, but it's how the bans come about, butting heads with buttheads! hahaha

Anywho, just for the record, Unedited at the moment;

The preview of next weeks episode was discussed on Talking Dead, Chris Hardwick said it's the only portion they could select that didn't give too much away, there's a lot to digest in the finale, so to speak, bad pun or play on words?!? hahaha


RE question from the previous page; I saw some of the black and white rebroadcast, but as I mentioned in the topic about black and white, I've never liked it, or mono audio. I am a major proponent of a lifelike experience, but I think Sense-O-rama tricks and vibrating seating is a bit too much for home or theatrical cinema.


I started in Black and White photography in the late 80s, as color is more complex, and I was taking Commercial Art, but I just have a real problem with anything shot in black and white. When you KNOW it was in color originally, seems even worse! I can see it completely from an artistic standpoint, and even for financial reasons. IIRC, Gilligan's Isle starting in 1964 had to use B & W for the budget,

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Things settled down before they blew up at GTAForums, we good...for the moment. Lots of talk about the finale this evening, I'd like to hear your thoughts though.


It seems I'd forgotten or missed about 9 episodes starting out Season 4, but I caught up during the marathon starting last night, and damn, I sure am tired! haha


The series will spin off according to a report online and announcement AMC has made, however, won't involve WD characters, so the big question is would having two series this intensely created (with painstaking detail) be a demand on the production staff that might effect overall quality?

Would this have relation to the graphic novels? I don't know anything yet, but some fans may take interest, but I doubt all will.


Sorry to add another post on the same thread, but enough time elapsed since the earlier one, now the Season has concluded. Did this evening's episode seems short?

In case you missed it, the flashback prison sequences WERE filmed last! I assumed they'd already been shot and never used in original editing.

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