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EP Daily TV Entertainment show reports NEXT GEN

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According to, presumably Strauss Zelnick and specifically Take2 mentioned, EP Daily show that just ended it's broadcast today announced that Rockstar Games is bringing about a Next Gen title that may or may not get announced at E3, but should be available by this time NEXT YEAR, April 2015!!


More news as we find out, I'll let you guys know what I find at GTAChronicles and this site. This is great news, but up for discussion, is there a new IP we don't have a good idea about, taking more advantage of what Next Gen means and offers?



As An Aside, Microsoft being reported as dropping KINECT from Xbox One in order to close in on target PS4


Playstation 4 from the news seems to be dealing a winning blow with sales that has Microsoft thinking a new SKU is required.

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