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Where is Cass County exactly?!

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We have one in Minnesota, but this thread title is more about Cass County the album Don Henley was supposed to release last year, about this time. Seems it's hard to locate, if it did release. but in my search, I uncovered this piece about estranged Eagles band mate Don Felder who has put out new solo material and is touring North America this summer, I'm hoping, God willing to see that appearance in my Home State.


He has rarely traveled outside California the past 30 odd years!


He speaks with humility I feel, about his treatment by Don Henley and Glenn Frey who have controlled the Eagles output for the better part of 30 plus years, beginning with tensions building mid-1970s.


As I see it, like Kiss, the band I grew up fond of, the band cannot exist or have a legacy without all contributions by former members





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