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APB Life Support Continues?

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Just thinking on All Points Bulletin again, and the supposed failure of Crackdown to have a continued life beyond the first game, like Dead Rising as well, the game was a major success in it's day, and few people would fault the original, however, the sequels haven't had anywhere near the success of GTA which by it's own design is a simple concept of a game, as we've seen it evolve from simple technological roots to something pushing the tech boundaries.


All the games that are successful can really branch off in similar ways, I always felt with PS2's GTA success, a story design spin off would have worked perhaps better then the Stories series designed 'down' for portable platforms.


I felt like making something 'simpler' was going to be a let-down, but the portability factor required it and nearly made up for the fact, Chinatown Wars failing on some level is because it does much the same, and it appeals to younger GTA players as a result, I still think the PS Vita can make up ground here in this specific regard.


Although these ideas are dated, for me bringing them up now, they're still relevant because as games become more technically challenging and involved, and bigger in scale for the hardware to software matching ratio, the time for development will naturally slow down, hence why I think we see Rockstar spending more public time with DLC supporting what they already released.


I'd like to get your opinions on how the Industry has approached GTA's success, as well as other studios' AAA title successes. Is it wise to concentrate on a sequel that might fail, or try and branch off as TV does with spin off shows in the known past (as far as Entertainment comparison goes) A game as involving and on the same scale as San Andreas could have had success on Playstation 2 as well as the original Xbox and any compatible Renderware platform, but the concentrated effort fell on the new engine game development

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I found this link in my searching for the latest news, it's obviously still dated, but whoa, I think it presents a VERY interesting idea I don't see brought up on GTA forums, and as an aside, the GTAChronicles suspension is again due to billing and timing flaws, the payment should go through but they don't bill enough in advance, the hosting site I refer to, so expect GTAC to come back after a few days, though we still find it hard to get new and old members talking, my dedication is 100% to both these forums as it stands.






Revisit the GTA lineage above ^

Also I should reiterate that David Jones expressed hope for a marriage of GTA's basic early premise and Crackdown mated together as a way to move GTA forward, or his ideal game in that style. What we've seen is APB mired in years of difficulty due to it's failure to find an MMO audience. We see Rockstar already concentrating heavily into GTAOnline, but still facing as much trouble maintaining a dream ideal for the mechanics of GTAO working as envisioned without a hitch.

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