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The Shining King VS Kubrick

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Let's get your feedback on this classic cinema versus book stance, what is your opinion on The Shining film classic from the late Stanley Kubrick versus famed veteran Stephen King who penned such masterful, inspiring novels? 


My take is there's no one who can substitute King's writings, but he took a turn directing and starring in film and it came out less serious then perhaps imagined from other directors, but he also points out he doesn't like having a completely dark story, or characters that perhaps are too one-dimensional


He also has said about his take on story telling that he likes to have normal, average people put in extra-ordinary situations, so not just horror for the sake of shock, etc. Not just a horror novelist either, but obviously leaning in that direction heavily.


One of the all time best is director Rob 'Meathead' from All In the Family and Rockumentary pioneer Marty DiBergi Reiner.... Carl Reiner's son by the way.... 80s film "Stand By Me" In fact, Stephen King's love of classic rock music has infused his stories and his own movie. Getting AC/DC's own classic "Who Made Who" to come into existence.





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I tried to get some outside convo happening, but the most conversation I can get as of late is still via YouTube, just to add some related info to this thread though....


Cable channel I was watching, I think it was Sundance, I'll update this if I'm wrong, will be playing a MARATHON of Stephen King films to celebrate his up-coming Birthday, and by the way, MY OWN is next weekend, August 8th!


The marathon does cover some films that are in seemingly constant rotation. From the ads, it seems the TV version of King's The Shining will be broadcast, I hope for The Stand, wanna see that again, it was trying to be epic like the book and failed, but it's still a fun ride

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