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If you've had the chance to have an early and played out version of GTA V for comparison, what do you think of the replay factor in such cases?

I bought another Xbox in particular, having someone else's games on it's HDD, I took over their gameplay of GTA5, to see how different the game experience would be. I actually wound up with several base system 20Gig HDDs for Xbox360, and started GTA over for Playstation 3, one of the interesting factors in this is download updated and patches, fixes that Rockstar did for the SP version, Single player offline mode as well as the constant GTAO updates and changes.


I wonder if you guys who've done some retro GTA games in regard to something similar, do you ever pine for that old Xbox blade GUI?! haha I took video when I did get the chance to own one, but like my PSP before, I updated with each new game as required, then lamented the fact I couldn't use the older firmware system as others had found neat exploits for that were no longer possible. One way in which this effected PS3 owners was original capability to dual boot a PS3 using Linux Redhat!

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