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Mods to GTA IV PC, Ice even more Nice!

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Part of publication PC GAMER's sections includes things online to enhance PC gaming, and they've not shied away from mentioning GTA gaming in the past, but just as Rockstar Games under both Houser brothers has concentrated effort on consoles, as I've enlightened you all, despite coming out and saying why, they've kept talk of 'favoritism' for consoles over PC at bay, often times a PC centric magazine will focus with some sort of BIAS against console gaming, however, there's also hybrids and popularity for portable electronics at an all time, continued high, the venerable desktop is not what it once was, even with the lion's share of high end hardware being large and demanding, both in cost and size.


Rockstar's showing commitment to PC with GTA finally, next year, and I'm attentive to see the PC gaming press pick up on the story, and hear what they have to say! Biases included, it should sway some pundits opinions around. I hope the PC version of GTA can set some records in software sales yet again, and be one of those KILLER APPS, but in the meantime, PC Gamer's latest is tauting the latest iteration of ICEnhancer for GTA IV PC, their small printed blurb does mostly point out that to get the latest software mod working it's best, it may require file shuffling placement in folders within Windows on your HDD.

A change from Mods past perhaps, but sadly, the article doesn't dig under the hood, so the best bet is still likely the support online for the ICE software additions to be found and downloaded for your PC copy of the game.




This is dating back to July, however, the world of Rockstar and GTA games does move slower and slower these days because of it's breath and scale ever more demanding, so I feel the life expectancy is likely to increase in same game replay value

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