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Normally I don't read TOO many books, but let me tell you guys, you absolutely won't be disappointed to check out John Elder Robison's book Look Me In The Eye about growing up with spectrum Aspergers, which is what I found out I have!


My mom recommended the book, then to read of his younger brother's most harrowing tale in several books, One about demon drink, the other about a family falling apart irrevocably, entitled Running With Scissors and Wolf at the Table, a much more sobering telling of home life for John Elder's younger brother, as he had left home and recalls his life's adventures in the above mentioned book. Do yourselves a favor and check those books out!!


The next big book I'd taken on partly when I found it, then as I was having surgery the past month, the Autobiography of WHO's guitarist Pete Townshend, a book that's hard to put down it's written as well as Pete sings and writes songs. If you love art and music, and want to know about the REAL Amazing Journey of the man's life, it's all there in 400 or 500 pages that took several years to write (He started in 1996 he recalls)

Who I Am is the book's unassuming title

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I'll have to check out Look Me In The Eye, that sounds interesting. The other titles do as well.


I've been reading the Lincoln Rhyme series of novels by Jeffrey Deaver. You may or may not have heard of or seen the movie "The Bone Collector" (www.imdb.com/title/tt0145681/) with Denzel Washington, but that film was based off of the first book in this series with the same title. They're kind of cheesy, but I really like the suspense.


Before I got into this series I had finished The Tommyknockers by Stephen King, a pretty underrated book by him in my opinion.


Somewhere in between I had finished Bird Box (http://www.amazon.com/Bird-Box-Novel-Josh-Malerman/dp/0062259652) which is a short yet very interesting read.

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I'd just been looking for a used BluRay and happened upon Running With Scissors as a film, the first novel and the movie tell of the zany situation with the doctor the family sought out for help, yet he himself had serious problems, but the followup books by John Elder Robison's brother (he legally changed his name due to the horrific home life he grew up with) tell the more darker, serious reality he had to overcome, and the book is filled with humor too, you can see John Robison giving many speeches on video up on YouTube, I saw them only after reading his book though.


As I was looking at BluRays I entertained picking up Rain Man as well, also dealing with more severe Autism, however, I passed on that, as I hoped to find Star Wars Episode 4.

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