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GTA V Re-Dux Release competition


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This is always one of the most burning questions for us, ardent GTA fans, why and when can Grand Theft beat all other comers to the table, this news here doesn't bode well....




I was out shopping foodstuffs today and those Redbox rental kiosks were advertising Call of Duty, again Pepsi put out it's special flavor Game Fuel sodas, marketed SQUARELY at Call of Duty Activision franchise and FPS fans, that's not the crux be all, end all of gaming and WE KNOW IT, now with an inventive-Reinventive take on making GTA a first Person Shooter type of game, can it have what's missing to take on Call of Duty in it's long run at the top? I have to say, credit to other game makers, they are harnessing the new graphics and processing powers well enough to make some seriously engrossing games. However, I still think Naughty Dog and Rockstar have the best third person games I've ever played. There are plenty of games I've just scoured over versus playing, but I still can tell when they appear to be missing something that makes you decide to bite the bullet and buy a game you've never played before. GTA has such a great appeal as a wide open map for plenty of events and challenges, and story telling.


What you get from that is exactly represented in GTAOnline, though I hate to flower them with accolades on something not everyone can enjoy, the idea is they can augment GTAOnline infinitely in reality, with all manner of custom touches and additions, but at some point it has to evolve fundamentally, and for me, that means a new map, new characters, and with it, new AI and graphics one would hope.

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