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dff error- Help greatly appreciated

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ok so i downloaded the gta mod installer, extracted it to my normal downloads folder in "my documents" then i opened the "GTA Mod Installer v5.0" and i was expecting it to start installing some program but it didnt. it just started running. i thought that was convenient, untill i tried to install a car mod. i went through all the steps fine. i selected the rar file which contained the .vcm file and it couldnt install it. everytime it says "The DFF file for the vehicle you are installing could not be found. Please make sure that it is named correctly, according to a vehicle in vice city."(example:"banshee.dff") :huh: what?

i have no idea what to do about this, and im sorry if this is the 850934853409658th

time its been reposted but i think modding gta is a great idea and i would love to experience this myself. So i appreciate all the help i can get. :)

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