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Rockstar's ongoing GTA V.... How far?


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With renewed ads giving new spin to a familiar game for last gen consoles.

For the new consoles, one would expect an approximate 8 to 10 years.

What do you think should be Rockstar's timetable between new franchises and GTAs?


I'm putting this in the GTA 5 section because although it's generally GTA related in franchise, GTA 5 has heralded in the most

advanced GTA in history so far, including GTAOnline as part of that endeavor with the franchise. I believe it's held back the actual

advancement of PS Vita games from Rockstar as well as Red Dead Redemption, and other series have really taken a backburner

in light of the complexity and growing nature of Grand Theft 5. While it's not likely to see much more, I do hope to hear from you

guys n' girls. You MUST have an opinion on how long might be TOO long, when you pit games up against the console lifecycle.


In IGN's article on Naughty Dog as a company details all the making of choices as they developed into the studio they are now, including change in staff and leadership. You never get that detailed candid side from Rockstar under the Houser brothers, and it's been well known for a number

of years. So, can we even make an educated guess at this point? I honestly wonder about it, but I'd like you guys to just post here what

you consider a timeline you'd like to see Rockstar follow, can their various divisions be hard at work on secret games will only know about as they

come to final fruition?


Naughty Dog considered 3 years a very lengthy time for a game, but each one became a bigger challenge then before, but their own studio also grew and shifted in terms of losing and gaining new members and they have to unite in the common goal of a game already in production!

The article also stated that Master Folder notes for the Uncharted series were compiled from the very outset, as tech advanced in gaming, they referred right back to that Master Folder to see what might work at this point. It's very interesting if others like Rockstar maybe approaching the hardware side in the same way

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