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Nightline report on Female game misogyny


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The above dates back to last month, however, just last night the ABC TV show Nightline came on while I was casually watching TV and to my surprise, death threats and rape proposals to women gamers and those taking a stand against how they're generally portrayed in such game culture in which it's presumed male dominated. The console gaming realm versus that of tablet and smartphone or casual 'nouvoarcade' that doesn't require high powered devices for use.


GTA's always come under fire, so it's not surprising to see it listing again, largely due to it's ever present popularity, but what the show did was to again vilify game makers and male game players, with few exceptions, it also failed to raise any intelligent views and debate, this is sad because I can think of a few!


What also upsets me personally is Sam Houser reportedly took issue with the naysayers of gaming, he being the gamer of the two brothers, Dan Houser being the bookworm of the two; writer of the game's contents mostly...

Sam Houser reportedly wanted to do a roundtable type discussion on violence and gaming, (which supposedly didn't happen because others weren't responding at the time)  but we all know that you can't look to game to teach right and wrong, or morals, you can just as easily enter a SANDBOX designed game and walk and drive, or ride around without shooting a DAMN THING! It's up to each person to know their own actions, because these are what they instigate whether playing a GAME or engaging in REAL LIFE. That to me is the bottom line, the game plotting or things like playing as a terrorist or Govt official trying to gain information as was seen in GTA V this time around, it upset more then casual observers, to me it was nothing more then putting an idea into action to push an envelope, or to see something new in gaming, but it's also an invisible line one shouldn't cross. 

There are game ideas that terrorists would love, and they try and make War into an action film or video game propaganda wise.


That's why we need to take an active and strong stance against such things, as we Mature into adult gamers, you becoming MY age eventually, you'll see that you've been wrong perhaps and start to feel rather foolish for your ideas and actions.


Women should take up stronger roles in games like GTA, where they can be the males equal. As we have suggested, role playing swaps would allow more possibilities and women to play as their own gender instead of the atypical male protagonist.


We've mentioned this before in Forum articles, I feel the right place, and I make my opinion known at Rockstar's site as well, I'm nearing 50 and I was raised in a strict Christian family, so they'd be railing against the same type of entertainment, but I take pride, like many as well, that I am not an amoral or immoral person and I can see the virtual need to let off steam, it's obvious the advantage of gaming in that area, no matter what the setting and type of game, they all offer a release, interactive entertainment at the core.

There is also the very REAL argument about video games like these reflecting movies, books, AND the Real World, as the tech has evolved, the argument seems to carry more weight, but it's the same one, the people UNSUPERVISED with bad parents are shaped more by a bad environment then those who do have the benefit of a grounded development, it's sorely needed in the raising of Children in the modern age, I think this too should be obvious to most of us

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