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Dubious Anniversary 2005


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It's worth mentioning the MAJOR MAJOR fallout of the PC find, Hot Coffee in all versions of GTA San Andreas, the PC version was always delayed

It's worth mentioning because Hot Coffee did have MAJOR implications for changing what Rockstar Games North was and is forever more.

Despite them going from strength to strength amidst orchestrated public mayhem, the way reality panned out is that the changes for a Houser helmed Rockstar North meant people who would be key in development would jump ship and go elsewhere, Rockstar would have to deal with ratings boards primarily in the USA and distribution channels recalling San Andreas.

The fall out I think is tangible in how Rockstar were previewing games and showing their software in a more open community fan base. In other words the secrecy level was increased beyond that of 'Fort Knox'. I think Rockstar were both worried and gun-shy, yet they would push on and try things never done before.


The real idea I mentioned seemed to come from previous ideas Sam Houser had expressed and detailed again in the book Jacked, unauthorized as it was, the author's intent was to use as many sources of direct contact with Rockstar to lay a foundation for the companies' charted path. And how I feel it falls short is telling Rockstar's story after the ill-fated mis-steps of Hot Coffee.


Now, it wasn't the only game to go into a sexual area with video games, but it was a huge selling hit which added to how many eyes were observing it.

People trying to legislate games and movies, and records.

2005 was a watershed moment for better or worse.

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