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GTA inspired user art, etc, Newswire


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Wondered if any of you have been inspired to do some themed art or contribution outside of just playing Rockstar's classic games, by the work featured on Rockstar's Newswire?


I post this outside of the normal news or GTAO specific forum topics here, but more because of the annual updates to Rockstar's Newswire website segment showing fan created tributes, which do included race buildings for the Online fans.


I took Commercial Art post-High School and did much drawing in my younger years, then I gave it up as I moved into the Construction work sector. I also had lost the drive to compete as an artist dating circa-1989, but being a true video game fan for years and years, and somewhat inspired by the artistic merit on display at Rockstar's site and elsewhere (where do they find all these fans?!) I feel like trying to conceptualize something myself, but wanting it to be genuine and not a rip-off of someone's previous idea...which is hard!


Mouthoff email is the way to go to submit things for their official approval, 


Thinking to break out my pens and paper and see if I can come up with something, I always felt the competition is just better over-all, but I do have skill with art, just get the feeling without doing it rather constantly to improve, probably get rusty at it.


The type of art in Rockstar's latest feature still spans a bunch of different creative avenues. I think it's hard not to feel like that might be a great way to say thanks to Rockstar by giving something back. (I'm always wondering how many on staff are enjoying the user feedback, they remain nameless and faceless after all) Well, if you did contribute, featured on Newswire or not, sound off here in this thread or post a link to something you perhaps uploaded and hosted online as well

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