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Holy Heck, YES! HEISTS!


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GTA 5 Multiplayer promise of Heists is near upon us for consoles, preceding the PC release of the game, where everyone will be able to undertake an advancement to GTA heretofore unseen


Rockstar Games has not updated it's Newswire in over a week, but I'd opted to just go to their Landing Page instead and happened on it a few days ago....The trailer!


Only a minute long, and sans voice-over, It's hard to get an idea for the perimeters of the mechanics, but what's interesting is one of the characters in the scenes, believed to be 'you' actually looks a lot like my own custom online character. I intended for my male 'avatar' to resemble me as close as could be optioned, with the available clothing sense to match....

Just kidding... Have to make do with what's in the game, as always. Still, I found I could get a character that did look rather like me, and it seems molded like the one in the trailer this time.


I would like to hear what you think of it thus far? Should they have done a (female) voice over to give some insight behind how it will be hands-on?

I'm sure there's more info yet to come. I do feel no matter how they embellish GTAO, the single player experience still feels severely lacking, I just went back into it again, and though I now have a 47 inch HDTV to enjoy it on, the big spaciousness of San Andreas is pretty lacking in things to do other then wander the vast locales. In GTAO, the advantage of all the space is plenty of custom locations for user check-point races and filmed stunting, but I hope they can work on what's most missing with GTA evolving, and that's using all the space somewhat more effectively. Not asking a lot, but the main advantage that it's always had is life of the game for just making your own 'sand-box' virtual fun is up to your imagination.

As far as the Heists for online, how do you see it working for people in crews? Lone wolfs signing on to a crew for the ability in-game, on the fly? I'm always wondering how something that COULD be complex can be coordinated as such, for online gamers, it's often a matter of real time permitting, and World Time Zones permitting those who are not in the same State or Country be online with the time to devote to these add on MP events. 

I know from previous forays with online groups that they usually don't last too long, and my first attempts at GTA 4 online, people were coming and going during one group chosen activity, and essentially it messes up everyone's fun because you can't do things the way the game designers had envisioned it

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According to Newswire, rather then the landing page mentioned here, Rockstar again pushed the release date back, it has to be somewhat disheartening knowing that, yet again, the excuse made public is the typical one from Rockstar, and believe me, I don't like to hate on them, but they reward only pre-orders with in-game cash, the WORLD of GTA fans also have to wait, whether the in-game cash is much of a conciliation or not... May not mean much, since I don't know how many percent actually pre-order these days, HOWEVER, Windows and MS's whole platform for online gaming has also evolved in recent years and months and I'm sure this doesn't make new PC releases any easier, especially when you want a system that will stand up to a tough time test (longevity based on WWW servers that you don't have any control over)

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