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2015 Acadamy Awards


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Hosted by Niel Patrick Harris, some say, very poorly, facts say, much lower rating then last year for views.


I say, Stiil a funny and moving night of TV, I watched it, though not in it's entirely. Though this is a Euro based gaming site, and Hollywood might not be of much interest to you, leave any comments below.


I know it's usually my interest story posts I make on the forum, but it's all about everyone's opinion, and I was surprised by the bad press on the event, or amused by other post-Oscar reports.

One thing I did enjoy was the post-Oscar party that Jimmy Kimmel hosted on his own show following the event, that's the way to do it, though I won't go so far as say it was the funniest thing ever, but if you didn't laugh during either of these shows, you're probably dead.

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