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Live Long AND Prosper R.I.P.

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He did, our beloved Spock and In Search Of host and actor, and.... spokesman, Leonard Nimoy has passed on.

I forgot to mention this earlier, didn't just happen, but not much has been heard or seen about his life behind the camera.

Spock as the character on Star Trek is more then just something Trekkies would know, Nimoy and the other cast of Gene Roddenberry's amazing, groundbreaking Sci-Fi show pre-dates Star Wars and other landmark shows, like Logan's Run for example. Disney's The Black Hole and others, a rebirth of modern Sci-Fi could be attributed to it's long run.


Because of it's forward thinking, and the positive acceptance of the cast outside of their characters (because they did become beloved actors which in large parts is all benefit of the show.... Leonard Nimoy became the authoritative voice of In Search Of, one of the first science documentary shows in free US TV that I know of, predating the proliferation of cable shows in the same guise.


He was also chosen to introduce the original Magnavox Laserdisc players, and even though that didn't help them break-through,... It certainly didn't hurt!


The technology is still around us today in DVD and BluRay, all optical disc media in fact, no matter what shape it takes in 2015, it wouldn't have happened without LaserDisc!!



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