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Fast And Furious Final 7

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A TV show in the USA here, Access Hollywood took a very moving look at the wrap for Furious 7, the final installment of the Fast and Furious to feature the late Paul Walker.


The series has been uneven, just consider Tokyo Drift a side-tracked mistake for it!.... but this was a very touching and moving segment that touched on the cast getting together at an award presentation for Paul's brother who I believe filled in as his double to help complete the film, he was in tears, as if the loss had just happened...  The cast all expressed that appearing at the Red Carpet premier with smiles was not something they relished, in fact, it sounded like they'd rather sit it out, since it was agreed, making this movie in light of Paul's passing has been the hardest thing they ever did.


I was in tears watching this and not just being a fan of the film, but you saw from the behind the scenes that Paul Walker's heart was bigger then most stars his age, he wanted to use any fame he had to give right back in any way he could, to help those less fortunate, I hope you ALL will take his example and run with it. His brother is continuing what Paul started as well, and it may shape up to be a very notable legacy charity. Time will tell, but I was surprised at how emotional I felt, having been in shock initially hearing the news.


He certainly died far too young, and showed his own acting prowess in other roles


RIP Paul Walker.


I forget which brother was in the above story, in light of this article, I didn't post this as soon as I viewed the segment, usually the case since I'm not online ALL the time.

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