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GTA O-ffline 2015


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Rockstar has obviously been busy overhaulin' GTAOnline for PC and Heists additions to the genre-busting game franchise.

It appears from my first foray into GTA connected at least (single player) that that change immediately apparent comes in the form of a non-hostile airport security and new guns and weapons.


What I personally saw as odd was cars I didn't remember (including trucks) that also didn't re-spawn in later play, though they might still be available somehow. Also a major loss of my game saves required I start over on my Playstation 3 account, though the game saves themselves might have been misplaced on some other storage folder, it also could be part of an attempt by Rockstar Games to crackdown on the cheating, assuming you would either get banned or have all your progress cleared, forfeiting your progress based on cheating in whole or perhaps in part in lieu of getting your account banned if you instigated the cheating (money in massive amounts in 2013 being given out without solitation made me quit GTAOnline gaming for near on a year. However, I think I did do some minor playing last year, my Xbox360 original account dated to Nov 2013!! hahaha That one has the stored progress I made in single player, but I'm now gun-shy about going online with Xbox Live and not having an offline backup account Gamertag, I would advise caution!!


What I've found so far is a replicated XBL account for the GT listing I gave out on this site (SpeeDeaThrash) was duplicated on a HDD and USB stick, this should allow me to retain what I did up to Rockstar's massive makeover the past 6 odd months or so.

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