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Tips for Gameplay; Last Of Us


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Oh, and also, can anyone share some video or review of the Remixed....Remastered edition of Last of Us from Naughty Dog for Playstation 4 and Xbox One??!


My question concerns my progress, I got out with two people in tow, trying to lead the party to safety or the next check point I came over-run by police at night, where the game gets pretty tricky, because it seemed they were closing in too fast for me to figure a safe path (not too far into the game, I believe)


Also don't want to really put too much in the way of spoilers here, but even from the beginning of this game, based on how you view your surroundings during partial cinematics, you can gain a new experience upon playthru, however, I did feel it moves along at such a pace that at times it's hard to take all the art in, which I love to do when it comes to video game worlds, but it's also kinetic pacing that people enjoy at times.

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