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Let's do an open letter Question and Answer thread geared to GTA 5 for it's multiple platforms and the State of Play for GTA as a franchise. I'd been thinking more about the elements of GTA and old user comment about how they felt GTA as a game was growing long in the tooth based on it's aging concept (which is always somewhat reinvented)


Basic ideas that have come out since the Houser's GTA revisions include a mechanic to the game referred to a term used for Adventure type games (Role Playing Games (someone else used this to describe character attribute changing) however, in the GTA context, this was a new feature for the most advanced outing on Playstation 2, and then the new cross-platforms revisited... That being the idea to keep your character fed with food or drink, or they die. (

Aaron Garbut commented that this feature was dropped due to complexities of scaling the map and characters and that at the time, anyway, it was too much to deal with, but maybe brought back later in future GTAs (I hope))

That eating too much would mean 'body fat' in contrast with being too thin, or working out would result in 'muscles'.

Though this wasn't taking away from GTA as a game, people did object to it (a section of the GTA audience) and as such the idea of needing to eat was removed with GTA 4 and GTA 5. The concept for working car washes was much the same, and they were added due to fan demand, or vocal request, so it seemed if you were following postings online at the time.


GTA's Aaron Garbut had designed a much larger Liberty City to include the 'Catskills'; Upstate New York to a large degree, but this was dropped to concentrate on what Sam Houser deemed the Vertical City aspect of GTA's New York version Liberty City.


We've seen people orchestrate fake maps to tease people prior to a GTA release, and once the real thing is known and comes into play, we get a better idea of how Rockstar put together their maps and lay of the land, including invisible barriers.


My open letter question is a common one, perhaps, but knowing what we know now, where do you see GTA evolving? Also, what would you expect or even prefer?


Hoping Rockstar do field our comments and opinions to see how their work is appreciated, and ideas that can help it move and evolve further.


Getting back to the traditional Adventure RPG aspect mentioned above, We now have no traditional Fast Food map locations actually open for selling food and drink, or gambling locations akin to Las Ventura with mini-games inside. Do you feel this is a huge drawback that seemed an important aspect for the original foray into Los Santos (San Andreas?)?


I feel given the work that went into the huge scale map, even though I love each new completely separate GTA, I can see potential still in adding new characters and storyline a'la Episodes from Liberty City yet again.


It's presumed that the Episodes idea was abandoned in favor of GTA 5 based more on time allotted then any thing else

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