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Re-Visit the appendages of LC

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I'm going back to Liberty City to try some advancing of storyline, I took breaks, started different versions or games entirely.


What strikes me most over all is even though both Episodes do provide some cleanup over the original GTA 4, they don't seem that advanced any more, and after playing all Uncharted games (my first HD series for my own console), GTA Episodes seems really like a PS2 previous console era game.

I wonder do you see this at all? Or your feelings about it standing the test of time.


Open buildings that did provide staircases are much the same as open buildings even in GTA 5, but the concept of build was to make locations in the map conducive to mission placement ahead of time, I think that problem plagued new gen GTA since the first, and that maybe unavoidable, as it was mentioned testing of the map and missions can mean original locations for a mission, where the environment is pre-planned as much as possible, the mission may not work as hoped, once play testing has been done. One of the Rockstar staff mentioned this, might have been Aaron Garbut himself, but I can't recall if that came from the EDGE magazine story on GTA 4 or not, in that article, head of Rockstar, Sam Houser himself talked about game development, where we learned the most about modern GTA game coming to fruition, outside of his candor, the articles with Aaron and some with Dan Houser were the only thing in recent years one could look at for reference.


I refer back to these at times to put perspective on things.

My main issue however is both XBoxes I have now have ODDs failing, will read a disc and then stop in the midst of access, even with GTA 5 storing around 7 gigabyte of the game to the HDD, it's not helpful when the optical drive mechanicals fail.

I'm looking at replacement drive parts, but at this time, a complete Jasper based Xbox can be bought starting around $60 USD! The replacement drives are $30, the optical lasers around $5 to $20, so it creates a question of what to buy for longevity.


This has hampered both older 360 software and GTA 5 as mentioned, but it's interesting to see how GTA has really evolved with only this package, GTA 4 and 5 and on the same console. While Xbox One and PS4, PC, will make a difference in capabilities, it's still mainly a scaling of graphics and additions perhaps based on content capacity. We may see more from this game, that being GTA 5 to compare to GTA 4, but the best game for new hardware will have to exploit it better, and may not see that until the furthest end of software releases on the new hardware. I would hope not, but already Microsoft's ads are touting the best of 2015, but I believe it will be 2016 before most people are gaming on the new consoles or even current gaming PC hardware

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