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If you're one of the PC or laptop gamers excited about GTA V on PC finally, report in this thread on how it ultimately works for you.


Do refrain from just asking about if it will work on such and such platform... Rather when released, your Real-World findings would be better aid to most contemplating what systems most closely resemble their's or would be closest in comparison for expected performance particulars.


If you found that even your browser's HTML was too out-dated (my case using Core2 based laptop and Opera browser)


Only 2GB DDR2 on my laptop used to see the trailer, I found using Chrome instead, same spec, the trailer worked on this website later...




The comments I viewed suspect the graphics card should be GTX 760 or higher to try and run specs at 'ultra' however, expect performance issues if you want to 'max out all settings', using a baseline recommended graphics card is not obvious solution!


Also comments I made earlier about buying a new rig for Intel CPU compatibility, this is the preferred route I feel, get the spendy graphics card, capable of PCI Express version 3 that you can effectively move to the new CPU and motherboard combination, then consider DDR3 for PC, but that the new technology CAN support the new DDR4 standard, and that you may want to get the best option of DDR4 for next gen gaming and computing for some years to come!

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