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Hello , I have GTA V PC from the first day (The 7Disk version). But from the first time I have issues.


First you need to do that Device manager NVIDIA trick - No problem


But when I am playing after like sometimes 30minutes sometimes 5minutes my game freezes and stops working (see screenshot) and I can't do anything other to stop the process.

My graphics are already at the lowest and FPS is not that bad?

It stutters sometimes little stutters but when the big stutter comes, game freezes like what I just said before.


Have already vsync disabled in game and in NVIDIA INSPECTOR it : FORCE ON

(If i turn it on in GTA V PC I crash almost immediately)










Have already tried running as admin

Already tried process priority of GTA launcher as low and GTAV.exe high

Already tried with installing low patch mod by RAGNOS







Can just please someone help me to fix this thing? I see almost no solution ;(


I have a DELL XPS L502X (using also coolingpad)


- i5-2520M all 2.50GHZ



I've already tried the underclock trick with MSI AFTERBURN this helps to most games but not GTA V PC :(



Please, I will be very pleased :P






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The specs you give are low entry Sandy Bridge, second generation Intel Nehalem, 4GB in total is alright for system RAM, but I checked specs using Vista32 bit on my G73 Asus and it's still sharing system RAM even with high level discrete graphics vRAM (Mine's a 1GB dedicated GDDR5)

OEM computers might run worse then those made for gaming, but Dell's XPS predates their purchase of Alienware. The boutique is not so highly valued as it once was, but Dell's been offering ATI and nVidia discrete for ages, even in non XPS machines. I think that allows minimal gaming, but I tried running GTA San An PC on a Dell with Quadro FX700 and 128MB RAM, it just couldn't cut it. I used a Dell E6410 with Core i7 and Quadro X3100m (IIRC the model video used) and it ran San Andreas much better, but again, a 2005 game ruhning on 2010 hardware! It's just going to demand a lot. Sandy Bridge should at least allow use of GTA V as it will work with GTA IV.


The 5 year old GTX460 once was harelded as was the earlier ATI HD Radeon 5870. I'd like to see how that one stacks up with GTA V. Also 1 GB dedicated RAM

Sharing system RAM comes to just under 2GB, exact spec I forget. Here's the introductory G73 review, Republic of Gamer Asus series;



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My game keeps freezing too no matter if I'm online or in story mode. Sometimes it will freeze five minutes into playing and other times it might be an hour or so. All my drivers and such are updated and a lot of other ppl are having the same issues. I doubt it's my computer but for hell sakes here's the link to the one I bought specifically for gaming and future updating: http://www.walmart.com/ip/iBUYPOWER-Black-Gamer-Power-WA550B-Desktop-PC-with-AMD-Quad-Core-FX-4300-Processor-8GB-Memory-1TB-Hard-Drive-and-Windows-7-Home-Premium-Monitor-Not/23745948

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