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Like-minded criminals(PC)


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I need to sell my 360 and PS3 copy of it... I'm a little drunk, what do you mean optimized. The game's beautiful. I never had the chance to play IV on PC, and I need a better monitor for this rig to shine but I have it running on an i7-3820 paired with a Radeon HD 7800. I run it maxed out with textures on High just fine but prefer it on normal online for the better fps.


You should buy it. :P The first person mode was meant for PC. It runs so well. 

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By optimized I mean was it a good port, even though I've heard it was built on the PC :P....because LA Noire and GTA IV were both mediocre in performance. I will buy it when I get sick of the PS4 version. I would be excited about the future graphical enhancements, but GTA V looks beautiful by default anyway!


Good to hear the FPV is better on PC...I'm not a huge fan. I sometimes use it in vehicles, but on foot you move so weirdly that is breaks immersion haha.

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