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George Miller's return! MAD MAX; Fury Road

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The trailers for the continuing Australian franchise look as good as the new JJ Abram's STAR WARS in terms of big screen enhanced by today's technology thrills and spills.


I'm thinking this is one to catch on the biggest screen possible! Sans Mel Gibson as Mad Max originally, I'm sure you'll lament that fact, but I'm glad George wrote, directed, ... and finished it!!!


It was delayed for a long time since the project was slated to begin in Tunesia when the Arab Spring took place, things seemingly got progressiviely worse from then on, so it's a minor miracle he completed it!

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Commercials for the film are more frequent then ever, and Bounce terrestrial HDtv (SDTV?) network is airing the 1985 Beyond Thunderdome this weekend, if not already... I assume there's a bit of a tie-in promotion?! haha

Sorry to double post, but I am anxious to see this do well, it may well be the last one George Miller helms and has written. It's started off as a story spec script long before even filming began, as I understand it, based on a germ of an idea George had. I don't know how fond he is of this classic cult favorite, but I would love if Mel Gibson would reprise if not cameo in the film, he really owes his career to the Mad Max franchise, however, he's starred in The Bounty, Tim, and Gallipoli as well, around that time.

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