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Starting All Over Again... GTAV edition!

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Well, yes, I have to admit, I started over again mainly as a result of playing offline with tons of XBOX repair units, I have something like 6 20GB XB HDD units, I've been trying to sell, but also before completing GTA V I've gone into different profiles for each system (I was buying used Xboxes AND Playstation 3 units, and I'll likely take in a used Xbox1 or PS4) 

I don't know exactly what prompts doing it over so early into the 100 or so mission story line, but part of the reason is my main game play .. I explore nearly endlessly, and as you know, that means UNDERWATER as it does on every mountain and hill. Getting to know the geography in hopes it's like the back of my hand at some point. But I also feel the plot and cut scenes do account for the most action in the game, more buildings being closed off and far less chaotic action then in past GTAs (improved AI to blame)


Anyway, yet to get the PC version, it's likely to continue for me... and I took a long long break from GTAOnline and have to delve back in with both feet!! hahaha

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