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Through The Never 2 DVD Bluray set!

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Wow, I just happened on a Metallica concert and story intertwined on BluRay just as I was b-day shopping for my birthday on August 8, as a used disc, it was $16 in price, but includes a bonus BD-DVD as well as actual 3D (available via HDMI only) concert on disc 1

Metallica's iMAX filmed concert video is not new, hence my used disc purchase, but I had forgotten about it! hahah


In addition to that Bluray to add to my collection the original RED was also available (Retired. Extremely Dangerous)

Helen Mirren kicks some serious booty in both RED films! hahaha


Well, also to point out, I was offline on my birthday and making a trip to my folk's cabin as my mom had to be with her sister undergoing cancer treatment and it's not looking optimistic for her, sad to say

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