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I'd set up my Xbox Live billing using Paypal and then the automatic method withdrall happened for about a year and a half if not longer, that adds up to 12 months, 10 dollars a month, then weeks ago a co-worker - boss at my new job who happens to be an active gamer as well, he suggested the seemingly spendy 1 year scratch off cards still come up cheaper then having auto-billing regularily as I was doing it, the less troublesome method as I could afford it for awhile, but then I had to set up my bank and PP, more then one payment was made to Microsoft in a week or two time, and it basically 'bounced', as such, it was canceled and no further billing took place, so it appears, I had no idea what happened, since I did have enough to make one 10 dollar USD payment in a month, but not in a week or earlier then my pay-day, the buying of a XBL scratch card is the earliest method I used to game online and I can see how going back to that is not a bad idea, since I would be saving money with either term (3 months or 12)

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